As part of methodologies to inculcate tenets of peace in the upcoming generations of Bmbilla, Amass Ghana – Center for Conflict Resolution & Peacebuilding has setup specific days for children between ages 10 and 19 to gather in circle at night to listen to the conflict history of Bimbilla whereas participants gets opportunity to ask question to receive answers.

In an interview with the Executive Director, Mr. Kofi Asamoah-Ababio he said, the program is a yardstick to text participants on the just-ended conflict and peacebuilding workshop and to also expose them to the genesis of the conflict situation in the area in order to help them live up to task.

“We can only preserve the future if we take notice of the past happenings and in order to do that, one must embrace the past predicaments and successes – the vigil is to help target group understand the problems and misunderstandings that have fueled tensions and violent-conflicts since 1994”.

Mr. Mohammed Elisu Tebu, a community leader who took the children through the history lessons said, Bimbilla can restore its glory if, the children can stand up to their parents, friends and families to bury their guns, machetes and all weaponized ammunition’s and press towards dialogue.

“Dialogue is the only way forward thus if we really want to enjoy life, pursue our aspirations, get better education and everything that comes with it” he stressed.

The project dubbed “B-Conflict History” is a branch of the Amass Ghana Young Peacebuilders Forum funded by the Niwano Peace Foundation – Japan and it’s due to end in December.