Amass Ghana Salutes Dagbon For The Return of Peace

AMASS Ghana (AG), as a Conflict Resolution and Peace Building based non-governmental organisation (NGO) would pause in the midst of civil unrests in Northern Ghana, to salute the people of Dagbon for the return of relative peace. The composure of Abudus and Andanis so far, deserves applause! In the ...

AG Aider Project

Aiders are building a peaceful, healthy, and sustainable future for women, children, youth and People With Disabilities (PWD) living in armed-conflict, displaced and deprived communities in order to advance the frontiers of Peacebuilding and Development.
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AG Internship Placement

The AG – Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding offers opportunities to students – home and diaspora to understudy field experts working in the areas of Health, Education, Research, Advocacy and Skills Development. Student-interns and volunteers will have to look for funding from their respective institutions, funding agencies etc. since AG will only be providing basic stipend that will cover internet data applied solely for AG and related work and any other legitimate expense incidentally incurred. We accepts Interns in the Summer Season whereas as Volunteers throughout the year.
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Who We Are

AMASS GHANA - Centre for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that believes PEACE can be attained in a civilized society only when the populace are Democratically, Educationally and Economically (DEE) empowered.

Achieving our DEE, we work in these thematic areas to making sure that PEACE is attained   :

  • Advocacy
  • Research
  • Skills Development
  • Food Security
  • Education
  • Health

We also understand that conflict and differences are inevitable, but violence is not. However, we work to transform the way Ghanaians deals with conflict, away from adversarial approaches, toward corporative solutions.

This means we shift the attitudes and everyday interactions between groups of people in conflict, so they can work together to build up their community, choosing joint problem-solving over violence.

where we work

Conflict and Deprived Communities in Ghana


Our mission is to become a giant peace organization that Ghana Government and international community consult for peace policy formulation in empowering and inspiring the Ghanaian Citizenry to love, respect and protect life and property through Democracy, Education and Economic freedom in order to advance promotion of PEACE and ensuring security at communities, regional and national levels for sustainable development.


Our vision is to make every endemic conflict community and Ghana as a whole, a peaceful and beautiful co-existent that continues to accommodate livelihood, and business activities.


  • Promoting peace
  • Providing support to needy Women and Children in Conflict and Deprived communities

thematic areas


Education We believe that through education Ghanaians particularly the youth will collectively and adequately be informed and assertive while tolerating and respecting views of others in sustaining civil society actions that promote peaceful co-existence which is geared towards national development. In this vain, our primary objective is to be the greater and effective catalyst that will first of all gunner support for children and the youth in deprived and conflict inflicted communities in Ghana to receive quality and best of education.


Advocacy AMASS Ghana aspires to be an excellent catalyst that seeks to train and develop hundreds of change makers and activists specially the youth in deprived and violent conflict communities in Ghana and developing a framework that prioritizes promotion of active citizenry, that will be able to champion development through peaceful co-existence. For us, it is our greatest responsibility to raise young people in every community in Ghana with a view of engaging one another to ensure they become role models in spreading peace messages to inspire the entire citizenry to respect life and property for accelerated development.

Skills Development

Skills Development There is widely held view that the devil finds work for idle hands and this is evident in various reports which revealed that majority of young people who have been reportedly involved in conflict actions which resulted in destruction of life and properties in Ghana were cited to be without meaningful and purposeful life skills. That is why we at AMASS Ghana see this as pertinent issue which should be tackled holistically with more emphasis on equipping young people, particularly those in the conflict and economic deprived areas with employable skills to become contributing members of their communities so as to end violent conflict in all parts of Ghana.


Research AMASS Ghana is preoccupied to activate national awareness and collective response on the plight of the vulnerable people living in the conflict-thorn and deprived areas by engaging in research which will interrogate the causes of violent conflict situations and how to provide continued and sustainable solutions to prevent and resolve violent conflict and cycle of poverty in poverty stricken and violent conflict communities to engender peace for total development in Ghana. We work to undertake research work to advise Central and local government and international community on how to prevent and resolve thorny issues that fuel conflict and poverty in economic deprived communities in Ghana.

Food Security

Food Security It has always been our desire to provide sufficient quantities of food to people living in deprived and violent conflict communities in Ghana. We work hard to ensure food are consistently available to individuals, and are in reasonable proximity to them, or are within their reach. We believe that when this objective is achieved, violent conflict will be extremely nibbed in the bud to pave way for waves of peace and economic development across Ghana and in particular deprived and conflicts communities.


Health We are strenuously working hard to advocate for national policy to provide comprehensive public and general health services, in particular sexual and reproductive health services to girls and women in deprived and violent conflict communities. Our ultimate goal is to push for quality health care to primarily improve health status of natives and residents, particularly young girls, boys and women in violent conflict and deprived communities in Ghana. In this regard, we are liaising with health workers to tackle key health problems including sexual health among adolescent and women, tuberculosis, maternity and other public health and general ailments that worsen the plight of dwellers in those communities as a results of poverty and violent conflict situations.

History of Amass Ghana

Amass Ghana (Center for Conflict Resolution & Peace Building) was established in 2015 with the aim of promoting peace and instituting mechanisms to solve conflict.

In 2016, the organization started advocating for peaceful presidential and parliamentary elections – some of the activities which was undertaken included stakeholders engagements, outreach programmes, workshops for body builders otherwise known as “Macho men” and media interactions which were extensively publicized on radio, print and other online portals.

Since 1992 up to the last presidential and parliamentary elections in 2016 every electioneering campaign year in Ghana was characterized with a number of violent conflict and politically charged and heightened tension issues resulting in loss of properties and precious lives. In addition to that, there were some protracted and aged old conflicts over chieftaincy, ethnic and land disputes, among others, hence awakening the peace advocacy group, “AMASS Ghana” in 2015.

The journey of sensitizing the masses and engaging all who matters in the peace process, since 2015 have seen major successes notwithstanding the huge financial and manpower constrains that have been gazing us in the face each morning.

Amass Ghana an organization advocating for peace at both, local and national levels in 2016 was recognized and acknowledged as one of Ghana’s few Peace Advocacy Organizations into effective peace campaigning in Ghana by the British Broadcasting Corporation, an international broadcasting firm’s (, documentary reports, putting us ahead of the copious peace organization – locally.

Amass Ghana played a key role in Ghana’s 2016 presidential and parliamentary general election, in that milestone political episode; Amass Ghana launched a “PEACE EVERYWHERE” program in February 2016, with the aim of prepping the masses on the need to shake aside any differences and opt for peace before, during and after the December 7, polls. It was targeted at eradicating hate speeches and political killings – unifying and educating the populace through games, peace conferences and, workshops.

The Team

Kofi Asamoah-Ababio is a civil right advocate and a practicing journalist with penchant for peace, justice and rural development. He has also demonstrated his dislike for corruption, violent-conflict and weak institutions through his enviable articles. With a decade of journalism experience, he has reported in the field of child abuse and conflict settings. Kofi is the Executive Director of Amass Ghana and has been responsible for the successes and failures of the organization since 2015. He holds a diploma in journalism.
Executive Director

Emmanuel Acquah is a trained teacher from Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) College of education with 14 years of teaching experience. His desire for quality education has no boundaries. Pursuing his dreams, Acquah founded the Organization for Rural School Facility Upgrade (ORSFUP) with the aim of supporting government eradicate schools under trees. His appetite for administrative work has landed him an Administrative Secretary at Amass Ghana and has since been in-charge of administrative controls and paper works. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology at University of education, Winneba.
Administrative Secretary

Asalimba B. Benjamin is a senior journalist with 15 years of working experience. He has used his write-ups to change lives and transformed living conditions of millions of Ghanaians – local and national level. He has reported in aspect of water pollution, sanitation and rural development. His unprecedented taste for project implementation has face-lifted him to the position of a Project Director at Amass Ghana, where he currently spend most of his working days. He is a product of Institute of Business Management and Journalism.
Project Director


Yusif Yakub, is a 2012 Scholar – Nutrition-in-Emergencies, University of Westminster, UK. He has 8 years of clinical practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology Ultrasound, coupled with a background in Master of Public Health at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. With his competencies in research and innovation, Yusif has acquired himself the Director of Research and Development at Amass Ghana and has been the head of the Research and Development team since 2015.
Director of Research & Dev't

Alex Ababio is a human rights journalist, researcher and social justice entrepreneur and his greatest passion is to promote Peace and social justice in the society. With over a decade in journalism, his writing has focused on special interest in peace, climate change, health, innovation, technology and development. He is the managing Editor of Ghanaian Watch Newspaper and holds Graduate Diploma in Management Studies with a number of certificates in Journalism. Alex is the Director of Policy & Planning at Amass Ghana and has been in charge of all the giant policies implemented by the organization.
Director of Policy & Planning

Kwame Asiamah a multi-skilled professional with Master’s in Business administration with specialization in Human Resource Management – University of Cape Coast. He is very capable with an ability to deal with recruitment procedures, resourcing needs and provides timely and up to date HR advice to trustees, staffs and volunteers. With over a decade of teaching experience, Kwame now police our Human Resource Department.
Human Resource Director

Paulina Adu-Gyamfi a trained teacher from Wesley College of Education with 13 years of working experience. She has strong moral character with great sense of accountability and has since 2015 wrapped the organization with her unprecedented competencies in finance. Adu-Gyamfi has proven to be an unswerving asset as far as monetary tasks are concern and is the Account Officer at Amass Ghana. She holds a Bachhelor's Degree in Agriculture Education – University of Education, Winneba.
Financial Officer

Rosemond Serwaa is a broadcast journalist at Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC) with 12 years of working experience. She has hosted numerous of chiefs on her show dubbed “Amamere fie” to promote culture, custom and tradition. With her experience as a journalist and proclivity for public relation, Serwaa has acquired herself the Head of Media and Public relation at Amass Ghana. She is a product of Christian Service University College with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication.
Media & Public Relations


Mensah Godbless is an enthusiastic individual with over a decade of teaching experience. He knows his way around computer toys and is passionate about using Technology to solve problems. He has been involve with a number of successful projects including our website ( and other IT related stuffs. Mensah holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science – University of Cape Coast and is currently the Head of Information Technology at Amass Ghana.
Head of IT

Board Of Directors

Most Rev. Prof. Daniel Yinkah Sarfo, the Primate of the Church of the Province of West Africa /Archbishop of Internal Province of Ghana/Bishop of Kumasi (Anglican Communion) who Honourably retired from Ghana Armed Forces with a rank of a Major serves as Board Member of AMASS Ghana and has previously Served for 37 years as a Priest, and 19 years as a Bishop as well as 5 years as an Archbishop. Prof. Yinkah is currently serving on the following boards, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Anidasuo Mutual Fund, Kumasi, and Chairman of the Governing Council, St. Monica’s College of Education. Chairman of the Management Board, Mampong Babies’ Home (Orphanage), Mampong Ashanti. Prior to joining the Board of Directors of AMASS Ghana, Prof. Yinkah was a part-time Lecturer at Christian Service University College, Kumasi in Religion, Theology and Development/Urban/Theology BA & MA Theology & Administration from 2003 – 2013. A graduate of the University of Ghana, MA in Theology and Development Studies (Leeds), and Master of Divinity, Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (2007). He was an honorary professor at the Anglican Theology COLLEGIUM AUGUSTINIANUM in Rome, Honorary Ecclesiastical Professor of Theology/Honorary Personality of excellent Leadership (Peristrofi World Honorary International Award. Most Rev. Prof. Daniel Yinkah Sarfo is an author of the following publications ‘The Role of the Church in the Empowerment of Ghanaian Women for Development’. ‘The Role of the Church in the Empowerment of African Women for Development’. ‘The Role of the Church in National Reconciliation’. ‘Integrity and National Development’. ‘The Holy Spirit: The Power for Healing and Deliverance’. He was Awarded Cambridge Diploma of Honour in the 20th Century Award for Achievement in Theology (International Biographical Centre) in the 2000 and 6 April 2001 he received American Biographical Institute Diploma of Fellowship (FABI). On the 6th of May 2009 he received A Special Honour of Recognition by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, on the occasion of His 10th Anniversary of enstoolment as King of Asante Kingdom.
Board Member

Nana Osei Kofi, Chief of Sabin-Akrofrom is currently serving as a Board member of AMASS Ghana. He has spent most of his years working to heal wounds, reconcile people, bring unity and encourage people in all positive endeavors. He was enstooled by His Royal Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, the king of Ashante, on Monday 5th August, 2013 at Manhyia Palace, Kumasi to oversee to the development of Sabin-Akrofrom. Nana's outlook is influenced by a set of beliefs. Among them is his belief that success should be measured not only by the level one has attained, but also by the obstacles one had to overcome while trying to succeed. He sees difficulties as part of life. To him, a new obstacle is only another challenge, and a life that is not tested is not worth living. Nana has a positive attitude in the conduct of his business; therefore, his focus is on the opportunities, not the difficulties. He believes that success requires hard work, thoughts, honesty, altruism, and absolute loyalty to one's chosen career. Nana Osei Kofi started his primary education at Trede Roman Catholic School. He continued at St. Peters Educational Center in Kumasi. Among the fourteen children of his father, he was one of the few fortunate ones to taste Secondary Education. Nana passed Common Entrance Exams and was enrolled at the Effiduasi Secondary Commercial School (EFFISCO) in 1981 and completed in 1986.
Board Member

Nana Owusu Ababio is currently serving as a Board member of AMASS Ghana – Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding and the Benkomhene of Mansen – Krontire Division of Dormaa Traditional council. He has attended workshops, seminars and training ranging from his accounting position through administration to tradition. As a traditional law maker, Nana has used his rich repertoire in conflict resolution to resolve greater part of outstanding conflict in his area of jurisdiction. Between 1986 and 1987, He was engaged in the workforce as a Teacher at the Wamanfo Secondary Technical School and was also an Audit Trainee at Osei Owusu and Associates in 1991-1992. He worked at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly as CAGD- Accountant in 1993-1994 and Bekwai District Hospital in 1994-1998 in the same field. Asante Akim District Assembly as CAGD -District Finance Officer in 1989 to 2001 and Adansi South District in the same field from 2001 to 2003. At Ahafo Ano-South District in 2003 to 2006 he was a CAGD Finance Officer, Regional Directorate GAGD -Director in 2006 to 2012 and is currently the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council's Chief Accountant from 2012 to date. Nana Owusu Ababio started his basic education at Wamfie Presbyterian Middle school in 1969-1978. In 2006-2009, he acquired BSC in Accounting from the University College of Education and currently holds an MBA in Finance from University of Education – Winneba.
Board Member

Emmanuel Yaw Akorli currently serves as a Board Member of AMASS Ghana. Prior to assuming duties in 2017, Akorli worked as a teacher and later joined Peace FM – Accra, Ghana in 1999 till present. He is the Parliamentary Correspondent for Peace FM and a member of the Parliamentary Press Corp in Parliament House – Ghana. With 22 years of Journalistic and Communication experience, Akorli have specialized in areas of public and corporate affairs. He has worked as a consultant, liaison and adviser for numerous of nonprofit – charitable and educational organization in and outside Ghana. Akorli received his graduate degree in University of Ghana with Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Linguistics and also holds Diploma in Journalism from Ghana Institute of Journalism.
Board Member